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5 Ways to keep your audience engaged during the holidays

Make the most out of the holiday season and change your companies marketing techniques to play towards the holiday festivities. Get away from the constant information given out of your products and services and play to your audience’s mindset, the holidays. Here are five ways to help market your company to the holidays and attract new audiences and keep your current audience engaged.

Get away from the usual content

Having informative content about your products and services is a good, but can create fatigue amongst your customers when the same message has been said before. Keep your audiences refreshed and tweak your content and products to reflect the holiday season.

Hold a contest!

If there's a time of year where people are strapped for cash, it's now, and everyone wants an extra gift card. Start a contest that's fun and easy to enter. Contests are a great way to drive engagement while also showing appreciation for your customers. Here are a couple recent examples.

Identify your audience

Take note through analytics to see the likes and dislikes of your audience. In order to attract future consumers, you want to think like a customer. See what has caught your audience’s attention in the past and use your findings to create holiday campaigns they would like.

Your Companies holiday spirit

Take some time to get creative with your website and spruce it up to have a nice and creative holiday vibe. Show that your business is excited about the holidays. Your excitement will rub off on your consumers and lead to them taking the extra step this holiday season on your call to actions.

Don’t just celebrate Christmas

A marketing mistake that is done too often during the holidays is that businesses tend just to focus on Christmas. Remember, your audience and consumers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and although some may celebrate Christmas, they might not all do so the same way. Don’t exclude groups and use universal themes and focus more of the season than anyone particular holiday.

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