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Love or hate – the truth about marketing your business online

I am writing this article in the hopes of letting people know the truth about online marketing and building a home business. I have been in online marketing for almost ten years and have had several successful businesses and a couple not so successful businesses. In that time, I have learned many truths and seen many misleading half-truths.

So many times you will hear how easy it is to throw up a website and then watch the money come rolling in. Sorry folks, it just doesn't happen that easily! We are here to tell you the whole truth - no hype or misleading half-truths.

When you read these ads that say things like:

Make $20,000 Your First Month or All You Have to Do is Send Emails to Make 1000s Weekly!

Delete it or leave the site. Things like this just do not happen. I am not saying it is impossible, but extremely unlikely! So, if you are interested in hearing the basic and honest truth about building a home business, keep reading.

Truth #1 Anyone cannot do it!

It takes a certain amount of self-discipline, commitment, perseverance, strength and a LOT of work. Unfortunately, we do not all possess these qualities. If you feel that you do, then you can do it!

Truth #2 Just build it and they will NOT come!

Putting up a website does in no way guarantee sales, success or an income. Just putting up a site and not promoting it, is like whispering someone's name in a crowd and thinking they will hear it.

You have to work day and night and night and day on promoting your site and getting your name known. And there is much more to it than simply placing an ad here and there. There is also much more to building your own business than having a website to promote.

Truth #3 You will become frustrated and feel like giving up, many times!

I guarantee you will wonder why you even started doing this and it will happen many times. Building a home business can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming at times. That is when connecting with other business builders online and offline can help keep you focused. Join some networking groups so you can talk to others who are going through the same experiences and feelings as you are. Remind yourself why you started your own business in the first place. You can work through these feelings.

Truth #4 You will spend more time than you think working your business.

So many people believe that if they start their own home business they will only have to work a few hours a day or a few days a week. Sorry, but that would be a hobby, not a business. Building a business, at least for awhile, takes many hours a day, and a lot of times, 7 days a week! Be prepared to work, work, and work some more!

Truth #5 You will lose your confidence from time to time.

This still happens to me and I have been in business for almost ten years! If you feel like you are a failure, take a good look at the business you are in or the company you represent. Is this really the business for you? Do you have the passion needed to make this business a success? Don't be afraid to change your business. I had several businesses before finding the one that is truly my niche! You cannot let feelings of failure stop you from making your dreams come true.

My intentions with all of these truths is definitely not to discourage you from starting your own business, but to prepare you for the truth of what lies ahead. Success will not come easily or quickly. It is a long, hard, frustrating journey to success. But, if you want it bad enough and possess the qualities needed to finish the journey, success can be yours!!

And when you finally get there, you will realize that all the places you momentarily got lost or took a wrong turn were very instrumental in helping you reach your final destination! And you will also realize that it was all worth it. Owning your own successful business is very rewarding - personally, emotionally and financially!

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