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Millionista 4 Week Coaching Program

Close your eyes and...

...Imagine if you could work less and make more money while helping your clients achieve true transformation?

...Imagine if you could effortlessly create a lasting legacy by touching the lives of dozens, or event hundreds of clients with your coaching business?

...Imagine if you could set yourself up with a lucrative freedom-based business + life-style that allows you to attract and work with your dream clients from all over the world?

Ok, now open your eyes and come back to me...

...Uncertainty keeps you stuck and you are not clear on your purpose, those you're meant to serve and how you can best serve them. 

You're living on hope and surviving by the occasional client who agrees to pay for your "discounted" sessions or hourly programs.

Every day it is you against the clock and in your frantic and hurried energy you'll desperate to sign new clients, make money and take time out for you 

Have you ever felt like...

You're the only coach around who doesn't know the secret to enjoying consistent 10k, 15k, and 20k months?

Making multiple five figure months and beyond as a coach is a huge myth ad the coaches who claim to be doing so are BIG FREAKING LIARS?

The kind of success you crave requires youth get more training/certificates, spend thousands on marketing and promotion, or get lucky and score an introduction to some big influencer?

If you're nodding your head yes, then I've got some news for you (a little bit of bad followed by some really good)

Bad News...

You may have been left out sis... but not for long

Good News...

Those coaches are liars!They just have a system in place that you are lacking. And our program will show you just how to create your signature package. 

Why Should You Work With Me?


I have been in the coaching industry for over 5 years and I consistently enjoy $20K- $40K launches in my 1:1 and group coaching programs. 

I am finishing my PhD from a top Historical University.

I have built and sold 6-figure businesses and enjoyed success as an online coach and salon owner.​

I have worked with some of the top Fortune 500 Companies doing what I do for my clients present day. 

In Just 4 Weeks You'll Know How to

Week One

Week Two

Discover your sweet spot and monetize your passion.

Work Sheets

Group Q&A

Pin-Point your Ideal

Client and choose the

most lucrative Niche.

Work Sheet

Group Q&A

Week 3

Craft a Marketing Message that works for you.

Work Sheets

Group Q&A

Week 4

Design your first Premium Coaching Package and charge your worth.

Work Sheets

Group Q&A

This Program Includes

Available to you 24/7 so that you don't have to wait on anyone when inspiration hits and you're ready to build + scale your business from the ground up. 

A Private Membership Site
     -Life-Time Access-
A Private Facebook Group

to mastermind with your


Where I am going to teach you the ins and outs of finding your most profitable niche, getting clear on how you are going to create your client transformations, and how to package, name and price your Premium Coaching Package. 

Four Coaching Videos
4 Complete Coaching Workbooks

to go along with your weekly lessons so that you can take action on what you're learning and create your irresistible offering with ease. 

Choose Your Path

You Can Sign Up for  Bring Your Passions to Life Today!

  • 4 Weekly Coaching Videos $2000 Value

  • 4 Weekly Modules with the exact steps to launch your biz for success $1000 Value

  • 6 Figure Sales Page Template $297 Value

  • Private Members Only Community for support and to get your questions answered $397 Value

Pay In Full
3 Monthly Payments
Spots will fill up quickly and there are limited seats available.
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