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Young Business Woman

Become Millionista' Certified

Over 46 Hours of Professional Coach Training 


Month One Curriculum:

Week 1: Coaching Practice

Week 2: Start-Up to Boss-Up

Week 3: Who are You? Who do you serve?

Week 4: Lane Domination

Month Two Curriculum:

Week 1: Leverage Your Skills

Week 2: Critical Steps You Must Take

Week 3: Content is King

Week 4: This is a Business.. Run it Well


Month Three Curriculum:

Week 1: Budget the back-end

Week 2: What do you need now?

Week 3: Tech Savvy in 30 minutes

Week 4: Balance and Brilliance


Month Four Curriculum:

Week 1: Procrastination is a thief of dreams

Week 2: Websites- Deep Dive

Week 3: lead-Magnet & Sales

Week 4: Legit Business- Set-Up

Month Five Curriculum:

Week 1: Marketng

Week 2: Branding

Week 3: Business Plan

Week 4: Marketing Plan


Month Six Curriculum:

Week 1: Coaching Client Markets

Week 2: Live Events

Week 3: Webinars

Week 4: Social Media Marketing

Actively Coach

Mock Coaching Opportunities with live clients that are provided. 


Built in Client Accountability every step of the way. 

Coaching Intensive

Each quarter, we host a coaching intensive in Atlanta. Attend in person or online. 

Certificate of Completion

Show off your accomplishment, Get a certificate of Completion with a documentation of coaching hours. 

“Through accelerated teaching of a small number of core skills combined with live demonstrations of the techniques and immediately putting your newfound skills to work, you are able to learn techniques that you can use right away to transform your coaching. That is why I am passionate about this program. I have developed a proprietary program that will help you immediately, so that you can advance your career, goals and business now.”

     – Philisha Mack, Author, Speaker, founder of The Millionaire Girls Organization

What is Millionista Certified?

If you love inspiring individuals to reach their goals, this is the coaching program for you. Are you the type of individual that often things, I have been giving away advice for free, why am I not getting paid for it?

I  established Millionista' Certified as a way for individuals just like you to be able to leverage years of lived and professional experience to create a huge impact. 

Clients that I have worked with state that they would take the course over and over again. They also note that it was a life-changing experience filled with amazing content. 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

1.  Can I split my payments into two payments? Yes, we have a few different payment plants that you can choose from. If you need additional assistance, please visit our contact page and schedule a consultation and we can see how we can assist you. 

2. Is the coaching intensive an additional fee? No, this is included in your tuition fee for the course. 

3. What is the cost of the training? Currently, it is $1497 if you pay in full. 

4. What if I cancel my registration after  I register? We understand that sometimes plans change. Because this is a limited-sized training course, your registration may prevent others from registering. Therefore, cancellation of your registration is not permitted. 


5. Is there one on one coaching that is provided? You will receive one on one coaching during our one day intensive that will be held in Atlanta GA or you may attend virtually you are not able to attend in person.  

6. Do I need to be a member of The Millionaire Girls Organization to participate? You are automatically enrolled in our basic membership when you become Millionista' Certified. 

7. Am I able to add one on one coaching on at anytime? Yes, please visit our one on one coaching page and sign up.


If you  have additional questions, please complete the below contact page.  

Questions? Contact Us Here

Thank you, we will respond within 24 hours.


Payment Plan

Make 4 Payments of $405.44.

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